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Manor House Cinema in Cheshire

“The system is quick and easy to use via a Crestron Prodigy system on the clients iPad...”

Project Location: Cheshire
Project Cost: £110,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Finalist of Best Home Cinema over £100,000 by CEDIA

The Brief

As part of a competitive tender Finite Solutions were asked to quote for the provision only of a highly specified cinema system to be installed by the clients own electrical contractors during refurbishment of his property.

Fearing for the end result and unhappy with certain elements of the equipment that were specified, Finite Solutions consultants contacted the clients project team directly to discuss how we would recommend changing the specification to deliver considerably better results for the same budget through better equipment selection.  After discussing the merits of our proposed changes and what we could bring to the project beyond simply supplying equipment we were appointment to the project to carryout the essential interior, acoustic and electrical design work, and to install and calibrate the system to achieve optimum results from the considerable investment in hardware.


As the client was unable to visit Finite Solutions Show House directly his project team came to experience our reference level basement cinema room where we demonstrated the picture, sound and lighting quality that would be achieved in their client’s room but also the all important construction methods of the room.

This hands on visit allowed everyone to understand the vibration reducing resilient bar bracing, concealed blackout blinds and hidden voids created for lighting effects etc which helped put all our plans in to perspective and the build team then felt comfortable progressing to the build stage of the project knowing the results they would achieve on completion.


The equipment used in the room truly is exceptional quality, giving the very best performance possible for the budget. Nine B&W Custom Theatre series speakers and subwoofers were built into the wall and ceiling of the room, driven by Anthems superb integrated cinema processor / amplifier to deliver powerful, dynamic and enveloping surround sound.

An Oppo 3D -Ray player, Sky HD, PS3, Mac Mini P.C. and Kaleidescape Blu-Ray movie server feed in to a Sim2 Nero 3D projector providing bright detailed images in 2D and 3D mode. When not in use the projector is hidden in a Future Automation PIC2 projector lift unit which hides the projector out of the way in the ceiling to keep everything discrete.

The system is quick and easy to use via a Crestron Prodigy system on the clients iPad (plus  a hand held remote control) giving single touch operation of the lighting, air conditioning, Sky, Blu-Ray player etc meaning even visitors have no problems quickly operating the system

Lighting and Blinds Design

To create a warm flexible lighting scheme in the room Finite Solutions design a lighting layout which delivered the ability to have suitable lighting levels for cleaning, watching movies, watching TV and playing games. Comprising of wall lights, recessed down lights to and stage step LED lights the general lighting plan highlights the oak panelling in the room and define the tiered step details.

After looking at a previous clients project images featuring a black star sky and colour changing LED perimeter lighting the star ceiling as seen in our images was added to the room to provide the final “wow factor”. IN conjunction with Lutron blackout blinds built seamlessly in to the door casings of the room, complete blackout is easily achieved and the colour changing lighting allow a very varied mood to be created in the room depending on its intended usage.

All the lighting and blinds in the room are controlled quickly and easily from either the engraved Lutron wall switches or Crestron iPad app.

Finishing Touches and Acoustics

Due to the hand carved original oak wall panelling in the room which had to be maintained the acoustics in the room had to be cleverly managed to ensure optimal system performance. Utilising heavy acoustic absorption behind the projector screen and double layers of acoustic underlay and carpet with heavy fabric curtains in front of the black out blinds we were able to provide enough absorption in the room to ensure a tight but not overly “live” sound in the room.

The new screen wall area and equipment rack cupboards were designed by Finite Solutions to blend in to the existing wall panelling but provide all the necessary recess’ and service voids for speakers, Mid Atlantic equipment rack ,a beer fridge and plenty of space for DVD’s games and gaming controllers.

Finishing off the room were Fortress electric leather cinema recliners to give the room the “cinema” feel and provide comfortable seating for many hours of relaxed film heaven!

Equipment List:

§  Sim2 Nero 3D projector

§  Future Automation projector lift

§  Screen Excellence acoustically transparent 10 foot wide projector screen

§  Anthem MRX-700

§  B&W CWM7.3 in wall/ ceiling speakers (7)

§  B&W CTSW 15 subwoofers (2)

§  Oppo BD95 3D Blu-Ray player

§  Kaleidescape M700 Blu-Ray vault and 1 U server

§  PS3

§  Sky + HD

§  Lutron Graphic eye and black out blinds

§  Crestron Prodigy PMC3

§  Fortress Cinema seating (8)

§  Middle Atlantic rack and cooling system

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