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Amazing Rouge Chic Home Cinema in Cheshire

“This stunning installation transforms the high performance home cinema idea our client had in his mind into reality with a touch of red.”

Project Location: Chester, Cheshire
Project Year: 2011
Project Cost: £75,000
Categories: Home Cinema, Lighting Control

Creating an amazing home cinema experience requires immense blending of the decor, components and lighting. This allows an immersive big-screen experience that feels like luxury in every centimetre. This home cinema in Chester, Cheshire succeeded at creating the Rouge Chic feeling, just like our client wanted.

A Great Home Cinema Interior Design

Achieving a real cinema experience was very important to the client. Incorporating tiered luxury cinema seating allowed our client the comfort of watching a film for a few hours, but also the ‘feel’ of being in a cinema environment.

The furniture and decor in this home theatre was chosen specifically to reflect the correct lighting ideas into reality. Working closely with the interior designer ensured that the correct look was achieved, without having to make any audio and visual compromises.

An Authentic Home Cinema Experience

In order to really make the audience jump out of their seats, 7.1 surround sound was specified. Bowers & Wilkins speakers hidden in-wall and in-ceiling feature amazing surround sound quality without any display of bulky speakers sagging around. A special design acoustically-transparent cinema screen also covered three additional B&W speakers.

A 8ft wall-mounted Screen Research projector screen, coupled with Marantz 1080p projector create an image quality that can compete with cinema complexes.

we specified a 7.1 surround sound system provided by the Arcam FMJ AV9 preamp processor and the FMJ P1 mono-block amplifier. This was used in conjunction with three B&W (Bowers and Wilkins) CWM LCR7 in-wall speakers for the front audio stage and four B&W CCM-817 angled in-ceiling speakers for the surround and rear surround audio.

The sub-bass elements of the audio spectrum are controlled by a REL 505 subwoofer. The three in-wall B&W speakers are behind an 8ft acoustically transparent, wall-mounted Screen Research projection screen, whilst using a Marantz VP11S1 1080p projector.

A dedicated film and music server; together with Sky HD access, provided the homeowners a wide range of multimedia options to enjoy in this surround sound home cinema.

Considering the amount of components that require complex controls, a central home automation system was necessary to bring all the functionality together, while offering an easy-to-use interface. Crestron’s touchscreen control unit ensured that all the functions of this luxury cinema room, including the content, lighting and audio, was at the touch of a screen. Finite Solutions invested a lot of time ensuring the use of the system was so diverse yet simplistic in control. The system integrated control is the heart of this cinema room and helps make the whole experience even more involving.

Discreet Equipment

All the speakers are completely discreet, keeping the room free from ‘clutter’ and the focus on the image produced by the video system. Even the subwoofer is housed in a contemporary bespoke cabinet which sits in the front wall of the room.

All equipment is housed away in a central comm’s area, and calibrated to output the highest video quality possible, whist contributing to the ‘minimalist’ look within the actual room.

Client Verdict

The client was extremely impressed with the whole performance and discrete aesthetics of the system. When demonstrating the room we used different types of films to show that not only do the ‘crash, bang, wallops’ sound and look fantastic, but also the more tender moments of a film really jump out at you and give you the sense of being involved. The aesthetic installation of the cinema room and expertise of Finite Solutions in home cinemas added another happy customer to our portfolio.

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