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Finite Solutions Crestron Smart Home Showroom in London

“This state-of-the-art showroom by Crestron offers a glimpse of what a smart home could achieve in a home-like environment.”

Project Location: London
Completion Date: February 2013
Partners: Crestron

London Showroom Now Open!

Crestron smart home showroom in London offers an extensive insight into what’s possible with a smart home system in place.

Located at the heart of London’s home design industry, Crestron Showroom in Chelsea Harbour Design Centre opens its doors to you homeowners to experience smart home, lighting, security and home cinema installations before taking your first step towards a digital lifestyle.

To arrange a viewing; please fill in the form here, email us at [email protected] or simply call 0207 3718761.

A Luxurious Cinema Room

An innovative cinema room with easy control is only the first step into the luxurious feeling in your cinema room. The innovations of technology, coupled with the convenience of simplistic controls create the ultimate way of enjoying your films, TV series or even music.

In ceiling speakers provide surround sound throughout the room without cluttering the interior. Smart lighting systems can be managed by the Crestron control system. This means that at the touch of a button, within seconds, your everyday living room will transform into a cinema by dimming the lights, turning on the projector and dropping the projector screen cleverly hidden in the ceiling.

When it comes to offering ultimate entertainment, no performance is spared. The latest 4K technologies are featured both in TV and projector format, making sure that UltraHD is always there regardless of the screen size.

A Kitchen That Makes it Fun to Cook

Kitchens are the centre of creativity and your everyday living. Smart kitchens, supported by the latest smart home automation system, expand on the idea of creativity in the kitchen by incorporating latest technologies. Smart lighting systems and integrated audio transforms cooking into a theatrical experience. Your new smart fridge and virtual butler knows exactly what you have in the inventory, all available at the touch of a button on either in-wall screens or on your iPad.

A Living Room for the Entire Family

With this brand new living room concept, we want to bring back quality family time in front of the TV. Except this time with tablets and smartphones in play. Smart controls on both tablets and smartphones help family members choose what they want to watch from a variety of options.

Full Crestron control over the entertainment system reveals the Smart TV hidden in the joinery, sets up the right lighting levels and controls the shades to create the perfect environment for entertainment. These technologies adopt your living room into a lifestyle of choices and convenience.