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Acoustically Treated Home Cinema in Liverpool

“An unused room in our client's home in Liverpool is completely overhauled into a bespoke home cinema room with unique interior design and soundproofing features.”

Project Location: Liverpool
Project Year: 2010
Project Cost: £45,000
Categories: Home Cinema

Acoustically treated home cinema solutions are a frequent demand among homeowners who wish to create an isolated entertainment venue with soundproofing features. This allows a more immersive home cinema experience. Our client, who initially approached us with having a casual media room installed, was invited to our award-winning show home in Leeds to demonstrate the available technologies. The impressive acoustically enhanced home cinema features at our show home convinced our client that a dedicated cinema system was the way to go.

Acoustic Design

Finite Solutions was responsible for full renovation of this room in cooperation with our design partners Blind Colour. Acoustic performance was an important requirement for the home cinema, therefore optimised padded suede panelling was installed in the room to ensure that the room was isolated. The acoustic panels also offered a soft and welcoming environment for our client with a touch of suede.

In order to capture the true essence of acoustic performance, correct audio peripherals were installed. Artcoustic in-ceiling speakers presented the perfect blend of stylish design and hi-fi audio to create an immersive surround sound. Kaleidescape movie server, controlled via a simple touchscreen, gave our client an opportunity to simply browse through his large collection of films and discover brand new Full-HD films in Kaleidescape Store.

Full lifelike 3D images of the new room were produced and shown to the client to allow them to get a true idea of how the completed room would look, thus allowing for their input to tweak lighting features, cabinetry styles and custom designed seating to ensure the finished result was exactly as they required.

Beautiful Lighting

An advanced lighting design was specified to complement the highly-performing audio visual components in the system. Rako lighting we preferred controls 5 circuits of LED lighting. The high number of circuits allowed us to create different mood lighting settings in the room based on our client’s preference. The presets could be easily activated on the touchscreen control for watching TV&films or playing video games to give the room a suitable level of lighting and the correct atmosphere.

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