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Linn Home Cinema in Ilkley, Yorkshire

“Linn's beautifully crafted Espek speakers provide staggering audio reproduction from the high end source equipment.”

Project Location: Ilkley, Yorkshire
Project Cost: £35,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Lighting Control

An important requirement for this room was for it to serve two purposes; as a dedicated cinema room and, when the screen is retracted, as an area for reading and relaxation. Lighting was a key component of the installation and various types of lighting scenes allow for the different purposes of the room. Scenes were then programmed by Finite Solutions for “Cinema”, “Reading”, “Entertaining”, “Relaxing”. Different lighting circuits included ambient recessed ceiling lighting, lamps, main spots, a separate circuit for spots above the sofa, sconces and picture lights.

Source Equipment

At the heart of the cinema system is the highly acclaimed Denon A1X DVD player with a 10-Bit DVDO 1080p upscaler. This combined with the High Definition Marantz VP12-S4 projector produces truly breathtaking picture quality. A dedicated Linn Karik CD player then allows the room to be enjoyed as a two channel listening room for stereo sound, or for Super Audio CD the Denon A1X produces stunning multi channel audio quality. The final addition to the system is a High Definition Sky box, which given the clients love for sports caters for all possible applications of the cinema setup.

Amplifiers and Processing

Four Linn AV 5105 stereo amplifiers provide Activ amplification for each of the Linn Espek floor standing speakers. This means that each speaker receives separate channels for high and low frequencies in turn producing a much clearer and precise sound. The Espek centre speaker is also powered by it’s own Linn Klout Stereo Amplifier. A Linn Numerik Digital to Analogue converter (DAC) provides a dedicated high end processor for the Linn Karik CD player. The Rotel RSP-1098 processor then performs all the SACD and DVD audio and video processing, ensuring that information travels from source to playback with absolute minimal loss.


Particular attention had to be paid to the cabinetry due to the clients passion for aesthetics, and also the sheer volume of equipment within the system. Finite Solutions worked hand in hand with the interior designer, and cabinet maker to ensure the cabinet met the clients visual requirements while allowing for sufficient cooling and access to equipment. Space for DVD storage and the centre Espek speaker was also an important consideration. All cabling was run under the floorboards before all the newly commissioned parquet flooring was laid. This made sure that all cabling was kept completely out of sight and that we could properly future proof the system for any possible upgrades.


Linn’s beautifully crafted Espek speakers provide staggering audio reproduction from the high end source equipment. An Espek for each of the front and rear channels provide for a very balanced sound and the combination of the Espek centre speaker brings absolute vocal clarity to the movie watching experience. The Melodik subwoofer placed discreetly at the side of the room behind a pillar keeps the unit out of sight, but it then reproduces a truly non-directional sound low frequency in the room making the listener feel it is coming straight from the Espek speakers.


The most expensive piece of equipment in the whole system is the Marantz VP12-S4 high definition projector. It represented approximately 10% of the budget but the images that it is capable of producing are absolutely jaw dropping. The crowning achievement of Marantz is a completely new video processing engine. This new processing chip was developed by Gennum and is the most powerful video processor ever included in a video display device consumer or professional. This level of smoothness and film like realism has been previously reserved for professional 3-chip type devices and of course, film.

Projector Screen

Given the requirement for the room to serve as a reading and relaxing room, the client requested that the screen be as discreet as possible. The screen chosen was therefore the Stewart Trapdoor series that sits recessed in the ceiling. With a single button press on the multi remote, the trapdoor opens and the tab tensioned screen drops down, ready for a movie or for Sky HD. The screen material was custom made to accommodate the large drop from the ceiling and the patented Firehawk high contrast screen material complements the VP12-S4 projector to produce some phenomenal results.


Control is often the last aspect of the system that is considered by clients. Our experience has proven that this is the most important part of any installation. There is seldom point in allocating a large budget to the best equipment, if you are not able to control it with simplicity and ease. The choice for this installation was a Marantz RC9500 multi remote. The remote operates using Radio Frequency so all the equipment can be hidden in the cabinet without any line of sight required for infra red. Finite Solutions custom program the remote so that with a single button press the lights dim, trapdoor opens, screens drops down, all the equipment is turned on, set to the correct inputs and the movie starts playing.

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