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Leeds Showroom Home Cinema Redesign

“The award-winning Finite Solutions Leeds Show House home cinema gets a redesign to accommodate the latest bespoke AV technologies.”

Project Location: Leeds
Project Cost: £50,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Finite Solutions completed the original dedicated home cinema room in the basement of our Show House in Leeds in 2008. After 8 years of fantastic demonstrations, lots of client inspiration and a CEDIA “Best Showroom” win in 2013, it was finally time for something new.

In the 8 years since designing the original cinema room the Audio Visual capabilities, interior design options, acoustic treatments and lighting installation had all moved on massively and we wanted to create a new room. The redesign would showcase the very best of what we can achieve as a complete turn key solution to immersive cinema experience at home.


Room Design

The design for the new cinema room had to work within the 6.5m x 4.1m space of the original room which included a fully tanked waterproofing system with sump pump on a floating floor so the staging and existing walls could not be penetrated. As we were looking to massively improve the acoustic performance of the room and create a more angular modern design we selected to use a fabric track system that allowed us to quickly and efficiently create a completely new shape to the room whilst simultaneously creating void spaces for storage and allowing us to add in new speakers for the Dolby Atmos requirements and installing acoustic absorption and diffusion to all walls and ceilings.

After numerous 3D models and various concepts a final design was agreed upon which worked perfectly both sonically and visually creating layers of fabric and linear colour changing lighting that drew the eye in towards 1 3.3 meter wide screen which would occupy the whole front wall.

Room Construction and Fit Out

The fabric track system was created by our build partners who built wooded fins at 1m intervals down the length of the room covering the ceiling and both walls. Fabric tracks were then added to the wooden fins which formed a frame for the tensioned acoustically transparent fabric to be fitted in to in panel sections

The fabric wall and ceiling panels have 20mm gaps between each fin which allowed for the installation of colour changing LED strips covered by a bespoke diffuser to deliver even and consistent colour running all around the room. There was a lot of DMX colour control wiring required to deliver the slick control on offer but the end result is fantastic.

The front screen wall was built out to provide a box 30mm wider than the projection screen in all dimensions which would be used to provide a colour changing halo lighting effect around the screen.

New audio cabling was run to allow for 3x additional subwoofer around the sides of the room and 4x B&W in ceiling speakers were wired and fitted in the ceiling to deliver the latest Dolby Atmos specifications for height channel audio.

Not wanting to waste any space the voids left behind the acoustic panels were fitted with a back lit drinks, popcorn and snacks cupboard to one side and a whiskey cabinet to the other. Both cupboards and the AV rack are hidden by the fabric wall panelling when not in use but a simple press on the ipad control system atomically slides away the appropriate panel to reveal the hidden cupboards (much to the delight of clients and their children especially!).  The remaining space behind the fabric panelling  was filled with a mixture of acoustic absorption and diffusion materials to control the frequency response in the room.

New double doors were made with traditional Theatre “port hole” viewing windows which gave the room a real cinema feel as you enter. The design was completed with a new grey/black silk carpet and Cineca day bed and electric reclining cinema seats and our engineers than comprehensively calibrated the system to deliver the very best results from all the high quality equipment.

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