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La-Z-boy Cinema in Wakefield, Yorkshire

“The natural choice for this installation was the La-z-boy matinee series cinema seating.”

Project Location: Wakefield, Yorkshire
Project Cost: £20,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Cinema Seating

The client was very keen to include authentic cinema seating into the cinema room, but was very exacting in their requirement for dark brown leather, electric reclinable, and a double centre seat.

We worked with the interior design to colour match the other natural materials within the room to create the exact look the client demanded.

The natural choice for this installation was the La-z-boy matinee series cinema seating. Each chair is fully reclinable using a small electronic button on each armrest. Cup holders and drinks trays then go to create the authentic cinema experience.


Cabinetry is always a challenging aspect of every installation. In this instance the client wanted all the equipment to be kept out of sight, but to be easily accessible when required.

The final choice of cabinet was actually a standard piece of living room furniture customised by us to allow all the equipment to be contained within it. We added a bespoke fan system to keep everything well ventilated.

The top panel drops down to keep everything out of sight, and the Harmony 895 all-in-one remote control uses an RF control system, where the remote does not need infra red line of sight to function.


Keeping in line with the contemporary design requirements. the speakers and subwoofer that we specified were Anthony Gallo Nucleus Ti satellite speakers with the MPS subwoofer.

The matching of the speakers to the subwoofer produces some really good audio results for the budget, and also the spherical subtle nature of the satellite speakers produces a really powerful sound for their size.

The client was actually so impressed with the speakers, both sonically and aesthetically that we were commissioned to install another set in the properties snooker room.


The client demanded that the image be as large as possible, so we sourced a custom made Beamax projector screen that would allow the maximum possible drop, given the height available above the door.

This large 8ft screen was then fully automated so whenever the client chose to watch a movie or Sky on the Nevo remote, the screen would automatically drop and the projector turn on.

A high gain screen material was also used to reflect the maximum light possible back from the daylight projector and ensure that the picture was still crisp even on a summers day.

Amplifier, DVD Player and Fixed Screen

A 7ft Beamax fixed screen provides a large, good quality canvas for the picture and really created the ‘wow’ factor for the client. This combined with the Denon DVD-3910 and the Denon AVR-4306 with HDMI-output, video conversion with 1080i upscaling produced some stunning visual results.

The Denon AVR-4306 also is extremely well future proofed with 1080p HDMI-output to support high definition DVD when it is released.

Overall the client was enormously happy with the end result, and we have already had many recommendations to other clients as a testament to just how pleased they were.

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