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The Scarlet Dream Home Cinema in London

“Elegant style, aesthetic tones and bespoke Fortress seating make this home cinema a true spectacle for entertainment.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £45,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control

Our client, who has great passion for cinemas, wanted to build an extension in his house with the purpose of creating a bespoke home cinema that would allow him to do screenings with his family and friends.

The primary focus of the installation was to achieve an audio visual performance that would be pleasing to all senses. Design was an integral part of this process. Our client, being design savvy, wanted to include design features such as red wall panels, red carpets, red screen curtain, wooden cabinets and dark seating; akin to old school cinema screens.

Home Cinema Features

In order to achieve a superlative home cinema experience, several high end choices in component selection was made. As our client wanted to be ready for the next generation 4K content, it was indispensable to lay the appropriate infrastructure for it. We accomplished it by specifying high end JVC 4K compatible projector and a 2.8m wide projector screen by Screen Research. Our client would be able to watch his DVDs and Blurays through the Oppo Bluray Player, which can upscale the content to 4K to utilise the projector to its limits.

As it was crucial to complement the high end visual performance of the cinema, we implemented a surround sound system to match it. A 7.2 speaker system with state of the art Bowers & Wilkins speakers create a captivating surround sound experience.

One of the required features of this home cinema was the ability to use it as a multi-purpose venue, both at night and during the day. A powerful lighting system that could integrate all aspects of the internal lighting, including fixtures, blinds and curtains could truly augment the experience of the cinema room. Luckily, Lutron lighting control systems are renowned with their unparalleled performance and ease of integration. From a single interface, Lutron enables the users to automate the control of lighting, cinema curtain and blackout blind. Depending on the preference of our client, different lighting settings at different brightness levels could easily be activated.

What’s even more fascinating is what happens when our client wants to watch a film. A ‘Watch Film’ mode on Lutron keypad automatically dims the lighting, shuts the blackout blind and unravels the cinema curtain to reveal a 2.8m wide projector screen, all within seconds. Fibre optic star ceiling lighting complements the film mode with a captivating display on the ceiling.

Bespoke home cinema seating by Fortress is a great choice to provide the ultimate comfort for watching films. 10 pieces of recliner seating have been strategically located in the room to achieve great audio visual performance from all seats.

Oppo Bluray Player, Sky HD and Apple TV provide our client with a whole world of entertainment, easily accessible thanks to our state of the art engineering. Outstanding simplicity of RTI universal smart remote makes changing the correct content to enjoy in the big screen a walk in the park.

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