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Home Cinema with Tiered Seating in London

“The performance is breathtaking; it thrills the client, his family and guests every time they use the room.”

Project Location: Chelsea, London
Project Cost: £60,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Home Cinema £40,000-£100,000 Finalist, CEDIA Awards

The Brief

Our client tasked us with creating a stunning dedicated cinema in a loft room in his new build property.  The room had to have a modern aesthetic and create a special atmosphere, with dramatic lighting effects to enhance the whole experience. He wanted something to set his cinema apart – something special. It was our challenge to make this happen.

Our client was not prepared to compromise on any aspect of the cinema. It had to deliver an impressive audio visual performance and enable him to access content from a variety of sources.  He has a huge movie collection, watches major sporting events through Sky HD, and enjoys on-demand services delivered via Apple TV.

Simple control of the system was a crucial factor. Both the family and their guests, who have no prior knowledge of the system, would be using it, so it had to be easy and intuitive to control.

Room Design

There needed to be enough seating to host at least 8 people, with the option of bringing in additional floor cushions and bean bags for up to 14 people.

A comprehensive room design and layout of the cinema system was put together, making best use of the space and delivering the optimum performance possible. Seating from Fortress was chosen to make up the two rows of seats, one of which was on a raised tier. Fully electric reclinable models in the Matinee style in premium leather were favoured by our client.  In line with our layout of the room he decided on two love seats in the back row, with optional centre arm rest, and four single seats in the front row.To really set the cinema apart from others we added the D-Box upgrade to two of the front row chairs. This system produces automation of the chairs, making them move in sync with the action on screen, bringing a whole new dimension to watching a movie.

The lighting design for the cinema creates the perfect ambience. Ceiling spotlights deliver functional lighting whilst a star effect on the ceiling creates a magical atmosphere. Blue LED floor lights around the room and on the steps give the cinema an authentic feel, lighting the way to your seat.

Equipment Setup

The system itself was comprised of many truly excellent components. The projection system consists of the Runco LS-12D projector with the CineGlide anamorphic lens upgrade. This, coupled with a Screen Research Supreme Series fixed screen with automatic motorised masking, delivers remarkable image quality for all the sources. The Sherbourne PT7020a processor is at the heart of the system decoding all of the video and audio signals with great integrity and to the highest possible quality.

Sherbourne power amplifiers then drive the nine Procello speakers with power, grace and dexterity. The addition of two Procello subwoofers, one behind the screen and one concealed at the rear of the room, means this 9.2 speaker configuration delivers an audio performance which is both powerful and enthralling when the movie or music demands it, yet graceful during quieter passages. There is an effortless quality to the audio performance and the balance throughout the room after its calibration is excellent.

A Kaleidescape M700 disc vault and 3U Server was installed to store the client’s large film collection, giving him and his family easy access to all their favourite movies. Apple TV and Sky HD bring another dimension of media to the system with live TV channels, on-demand services and access to iTunes libraries. The system is completed with a high-end standalone Oppo Blu Ray player allowing for playback of 3D Bluray discs.

Child Friendly / Adult Luxury

The client has young children so we recommended a robust hard button remote control, supplemented by a touchscreen controller for the adults.  Control 4 offer both these options so were the natural choice for the control system.

Ecstatic Client

The client has told us he thinks the cinema is truly amazing!  The aesthetic and lighting effects create the perfect atmosphere and he says that it is exactly what he envisaged. The performance is breathtaking; it thrills the client, his family and guests every time they use the room. Whether they are watching a movie, a big sporting event or listening to some music they says it looks and sounds incredible.

The system incorporates all the latest technology and functionality giving the client the best experience currently available from our industry. Having simple control of the cinema was hugely important to our client and he is delighted with the intuitive Control 4 system that we specified. The addition of the anamorphic lens, auto masking screen and the D-box automation of the seats take his whole experience to the next level.

Many of the client’s friends have dedicated home cinema rooms but none have these special features.  He loves the fact that his home cinema is unique, that it incorporates all the latest technology and that it delivers performance beyond his expectations.

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