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Hidden TV Entertainment Room in Leeds

“The large living area in this project hosts a bespoke rising TV cabinet that hides the plasma TV with a motorised lift.”

Project Location: Weetwood, Leeds
Project Cost: £90,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Home Cinema Finalist £40K-100K, by CEDIA

Home cinema systems that stand out as a part of the interior design is a frequent request we receive. However, the demand for hidden entertainment systems are also prevalent among homeowners who prefer a simplistic approach to entertainment. Our client in this Leeds property wanted a media system that could be hidden away automatically, without leaving any trace. We managed to create a system with a hidden TV mechanism in a bespoke cabinet.

Hidden TV Mechanism

The highlighting feature of this system is the cabinet unit located at the spacious and well-lit lounge area. The bespoke cabinet was commissioned based on immense passion of our client for fine furnishings. In cooperation with Bernhard Hobson Woodworking, we were able to create a unique piece of cabinet to host the advanced electronics within, including the hidden TV. Balancing the clients aesthetic demands, our technical requirements and the woodworking build constraints, a fine piece of furniture was produced which exceeded the clients expectations.

The plasma lift system, created by Future Automation, hides the 50” plasma TV when not in use. With one button press on the remote control, the plasma screen switches off and quietly descends into the cabinet. The lip then comes up to seal the top of the cabinet completely flush with the grain of the wood running through perfectly.
This was the perfect solution to a discreet system without having the traditional inconvenience of opening and closing cabinet doors.

In addition to hosting the intelligent TV lift mechanism, the bespoke cabinetry also hosts all the audio visual equipment to power the home cinema. Content sources; including Sky box, Arcam Bluray Player and a 3TB media server are located in this cabinetry. With a smart cooling system, the cabinet is well ventilated to avoid any overheating of the content sources and the hidden TV.

Surround Sound System

Surround sound speaker system by Monitor Audio powers this beautiful media room with a pop up TV system. Given the large size of the room, it was important to select the right speaker combination to fill the room with a full bodied sound. A high-power subwoofer by Tried was seamlessly build into the bespoke cabinet with a bass hole. This eliminated the necessity to have a separate subwoofer in the room.

Lighting Control and Motorised Blinds

Given the well-lit environment of this large room, it was essential to make use of the lighting for entertainment purposes. A touch screen controlled lighting system controls the lighting fixtures and the blinds in the room. Lutron lighting system has been programmed to allow distinct lighting moods at the press of a single button; either on the light switch or the centralised touch screen controller.

The automation of the lighting and blind systems can also integrate with other electronics in the home. For example, when the house alarm is set, all blinds close automatically and the lights are switched off.

Smart One Button Control

The smart automation system by Philips offers a multi-remote control solution for the entire house. All the electronic systems; including the entertainment, lighting and blinds are brought together in a simple touch screen control. With the help of clever programming, controls throughout the house can be conducted simple. For example, one button can lift the hidden TV mechanism, close down the blinds, dim the lights and switch on the Kaleidescape interface; offering our client easy and intuitive access to his very large film collection on Kaleidescape.

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