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Energy Saving Green Home Automation in Leeds

“Energy saving smart home technologies come together with wireless home automation control to make this Leeds mansion the perfect place to live.”

Project Location: Leeds, Yorkshire
Project Cost: £200,000
Categories: Smart Home Automation, Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control
Awards: Best Integrated Home Highly Commended £100,000 to £250,000 by CEDIA

Environmental green home technologies focused on increasing the energy efficiency of homes represent a significant factor for homeowners to invest in smart home technologies. As installers of smart home automation systems, energy management is a demand we often work to achieve. Our client wanted a smart and energy saving automation system for his estate in Leeds, Yorkshire.

An Energy Efficient Smart Home

For this installation, our client’s primary consideration was the ecological impact. He wanted to have a house with brand new eco-friendly green technologies in his new house. Many considerations was taken into action to accomplish an energy saving home. For example, the intelligent ground source heat transfer system is capable of heating the house in the winter and cooling it in the summer. Rain collection system rain water collection system preserves the rainwater to be used for gardening. Rain sensitive smart windows automatically closes down or opens up in reaction to the forecast.

The green features of this amazing house was just limited to preserving rain water. It was also designed to minimise the usage of resources within the house. Energy efficient smart thermostat provides the optimal amount of heating for the home by automatically switching off when no one is home or adjusting the temperature based on the weather outside. Roof mounted solar panels generate electricity throughout the daytime to minimise house’s dependence on the grid.

Simple control system provided by Crestron was another intelligent solution installed to maximise the energy efficiency of this green home. Simple control system provides a fully integrated home automatically powers off any entertainment electronics or lighting systems when unused, providing minimal use of energy. Energy monitoring system, integrated with Crestron, allows the client to pick up his touch screen panel and monitor the energy usage or contribution from the solar panels throughout the home in real time.

Intelligent Lighting Control

As lighting was a major requirement, the house highlights a Niko centralised lighting control system, with mood lighting throughout. Features such as an “All off” button next to the front door and master bedroom allows the lights to be switched off when leaving the home or going to sleep, saving both time and energy. Holiday mode have also been set to simulate presence within the home when the family is away. Based on the daylight time clock,  designated indoor and outdoor lights would turn on automatically during dark hours to generate the feeling that the house is occupied.

Lighting control system is not only absolutely intelligent, it is also highly green! Next-generation LED lights and low voltage lighting installed throughout the home created the perfect lighting while significantly reducing the energy usage. Lighting features as simple as dimming the lights to 85%  max saves up to 25% in energy bills.

High-End Entertainment

Our client wanted his energy saving green home also to be packed with latest entertainment technologies to be enjoyed by the entire family. For instance, every room in the house features a network of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. These connected speakers give the family the most hassle-free way to enjoy music or DAB radio throughout the house. Multi-room music system Sonos makes it really easy to pick the right tune and play it in the preferred room. With the high-end quality of speakers provided by Bowers&Wilkins, Anthony Gallo and Linn; very high quality sound with an attractive and discreet finish is achieved.

A central equipment cabinet is neatly tucked away in the utility cupboard. Inside this cabinet, entertainment systems such as Kaleidescape Movie Server, HD Virgin Media boxes and custom made DACs are hosted. HD video and audio is distributer throughout the home from here without any loss in quality. This provides a very need solution that eliminates any cables lying around the home. Crestron home automation system ensures that all the entertainment options are controlled wirelessly with a touchscreen panel.

A mixed used lounge cinema room features an LED TV, 7.1 surround audio system and drop down projector/cinema screen mechanism creates a cozy home cinema atmosphere with high performance in mind. With a single button on the Crestron wireless control interface, movie mode activates; dropping down the projector and cinema screen, closing down the separator curtain and shutting down the window blinds. Within seconds, a casual living room is transformed into a high performing home cinema system for the entire family to enjoy. Colour changing LED highlights create an ambiance that is designed to amaze.

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