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Aurora Garage Conversion Home Cinema in London

“Conversion of an unused garage at our client's home created this magnificent home cinema with colourful lighting.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £150,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Home Cinema Finalist over £100,000, by CEDIA

Finite Solutions was tasked with the conversion of the double garage in our client’s estate in Sutton, South West London. The aim of the project was to convert this unused garage into a dedicated home cinema room with advanced audiovisual experiences.

The look, feel and overall aesthetic of this room was of paramount importance to our client. Fabrics, finishes, colour tones and lighting effects were all to be considered to deliver their dream cinema room.

Measures to isolate the audio produced by the cinema system from the surrounding rooms was also very important to the client as there were bedrooms above and a lounge adjacent.

Redesigning the Garage Room Conversion

The biggest challenge with garage conversions is to take the existing infrastructure into consideration. We understood that a high end and well designed custom solution was what was required and discussed key factors such as layout, aesthetic, lighting and performance levels with our clients.

We created a very detailed 3D model of the proposed design and submitted this to the clients. According to this advanced 3D model, new interior walls and new ceiling was constructed.

Optimising the Audio Performance

In order to achieve the best audio performance in this garage room conversion, acoustic considerations were of essential. The reconstructed interior walls and the ceiling helped minimise the deadening of the sound from the system.

The screen wall was built out to allow sound deadening measures to be placed in the void. Crucially, this also allowed all of the front speakers and the subwoofers to be hidden behind the acoustically transparent screen, maximising screen size and leaving a neat finish. The two rear speakers were recessed into the side walls.

Great Mood Lighting

The integrated simple lighting control for the cinema room allow for desired ‘scenes’ of lighting for different viewing scenarios and room uses. The star scape ceiling combine with the LED down lighters and the colour changing LED strips behind the wall panels offer various interesting lighting scenes, giving the room a great ambiance and magical feel. Lutron black-out blinds allow the room to be totally isolated from any ambient light coming in from outside.

Comfort Prioritised

The row of leather electric reclining cinema seats provide exclusive comfort for long periods of use.

The use of a Control4 universal remote to control the system is the finishing touch allowing seamless, simple ‘one touch’ control of all of the discreetly hidden components, lighting and blinds. An iPad application is also available so control from iPad is possible.

Multimedia Options

Our client wanted to have the best multimedia options in his garage conversion home cinema. To create this experience, a 4K and 3D compatible Sony projector, 3m wide bespoke cinema screen and 5.2 speaker configuration was installed. Connection of Sky HD, Bluray, DVD,  Kaleidescape movie server, Apple TV, CD, Sonos and games consoles ensured that all advanced multimedia options were covered.

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