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Game Room Home Cinema in London

“Leather seating and the retro arcade machine give this home cinema the feeling of a true entertainment venue.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £65,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Our clients approached us after a bathroom flood above their existing music/games room had resulted in significant damage and the need to strip out and rebuild the music/games room. Our clients saw this as the perfect opportunity to create their dream media room making a significant improvement over what had been there before and contacted us to achieve this for them.

We met with the clients and listened carefully to their ideas and gained a very clear understanding of what they wanted to achieve. They wanted to make the room a media/cinema type space whilst still retaining the ability to use the space for games and potentially have some musical instruments, like the drum kit and guitars they had in the space originally, back in the room in future if desired. They wanted one company to deliver a full turnkey solution and manage the entire project from the initial designs, to fit-out, all the way through to handing over their finished media room.

Home Cinema Design

The clients were very keen to hear our input and were very receptive to our suggestions and ideas. We explained the benefits of the system solutions we normally integrate – simple universal control, the equipment hidden away in a dedicated equipment rack, integrated lighting control, digital music integration, use of games consoles on the cinema system and so on. Our clients were keen to implement many of these options in the room. We also discussed which type of display device they would like most, which would best suit their requirements and looked at the costs differential for both options. We both agreed that using a projection based cinema system rather than a TV based was the best solution and would deliver the best experience. We also discussed agreed on the orientation of the room, the type of speakers as some would be seen in the room and the finishes they would like in the room.

Plans were drawn up and the room was fully stripped out and rebuilt to our exacting design specification by one of our trusted building contractors, fully project managed through the entire process by Finite Solutions. To ensure the audio produced by the cinema system did not disturb residents in the bedroom above many sound isolating materials where used in the construction of the walls and ceiling.

To achieve the neatest and most discreet look for the front screen wall we chose to use a fixed cinema screen with acoustically transparent fabric. The in-wall speakers and in-wall subwoofer were then concealed behind the screen. The screen wall was built out into the room to allow for the depth to conceal both the in-wall speakers and the equipment rack which was hidden behind a secret door. For the surround sound speakers we chose satellite style models mounted to the side walls.

Cinema Room Components

A high quality JVC Home Cinema projector was chosen to pair up with the excellent Screen Research Cinema Screen to produce truly breathtaking images on screen and deliver 3D capability should the clients ever desire this. Speakers from Bowers & Wilkins were paired with a high quality Yamaha AV receiver to deliver an incredibly realistic and engaging surround sound experience to match the picture on screen. Our clients can enjoy numerous sources of entertainment on the cinema system – Sky HD, Apple TV, Bluray, DVD, CD and gaming on their PlayStation. We also incorporated a small alcove below the cinema screen which can be used for games console movement sensors if desired in future or for DVD & Bluray storage.

The excellent Sonos music system is also connected to the cinema system so the clients can listen to music in the media room and take advantage of it’s excellent audio components.

A Lutron Grafik eye was integrated to allow for programming of desired lighting scenes for different viewing scenarios and for different room use scenarios. Different lighting scenes are automatically recalled when using the cinema system and if you pause the movie you are watching the lights will automatically turn on to the intermission scene. An automated blackout blind is also integrated and controlable from the cinema system controller.

Reclining seating make the room a very comfortable place to relax and enjoy the cinema system. The client’s retro arcade machine also really sets the tone of this fun room.

As with the majority of our systems, a brand new enterprise level data network was deployed to service both the AV system and the property as a whole. Full fast WiFi coverage is catered for in the media room and throughout the house. The equipment rack also services other areas of the house with multiroom audio from Sonos and has extra space for future additions and upgrades to the media room system and the larger house.

We had to work to quite tight tolerances with the room height in the media room. An Steel joist across the center of the room sent the maximum height we could achieve and we had to build down from this to allow for cabling and service and also to incorporate the dual Soundbloc plasterboard ceilings we built in the room to minimize sound leakage upstairs.

Client Verdict

The client’s love the room and the whole family use it on a daily basis. The have commented many times on how good the picture and quality is. The room’s simple clean lines and finishes with the equipment hidden away are a really big hit with the client’s. The universal control from Control4 makes the system really easy for family and friends to use and enjoy the cinema system.

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