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Double-O-Seven Home Cinema in Cheshire

“This 007 themed home cinema packs 3D surround sound system to create a never-heard audio experience.”

Project Location: Cheshire
Project Year: 2015
Project Cost: £250,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control
Awards: Shortlisted for The Best Home Cinema Award by Design et. al.

A Licence to Impress

Thematic experiences offer great opportunities to truly immerse yourself in extreme senses. This was exactly what out client wanted to achieve with his bespoke home cinema in Cheshire. A big screen experience that puts together specifically thought-after components to create an immersive environment.

Performance is Forever

Cinema performance was fundamentally the most important requirement by the client. To tackle this right, we went into understanding the room fundamentals; size and layout. Acoustic performance could only be achieved at creating the layout in the correct way. Involvement of the architect and builder was necessary to ensure that everything about the project was a product of educated considerations.

A significant and unexpected part of the design brief was the screen curtain, which our client wanted to open in front of the screen as the screen powers on; as well as for playing pearl and dean music. The curtain had to be minimal in size so that it doesn’t represent a space wasting stack on either side of the screen.

For Your Eyes Only. And Ears.

The fundamental considerations for the ultimate audio performance was coupled with an absolutely stunning surround sound system. 7.2 speakers by Procella was laid out in multiple rows to create a captivating zone of full audio effect. The acoustically treated walls with absorption panels helped treat 2nd and 3rd order reflections, making it a great combination with the Procella speakers. Dataset’s surround processor was upgraded to support 3D surround use.

The Living Daylight in Your Home Cinema

In order to generate a true cinema atmosphere, we installed a Lutron lighting system with 5 circuits of lighting control. The fibre lighting on the ceiling contributed to a fantastic cinematic atmosphere. The implementation of Silent Gliss custom curved curtain track complemented the system to become a mini professional cinema.

Control Royale

Regardless of the advanced technologies powering his home cinema, our client wanted it to be easy to use. To provide this, a Crestron automation system was preferred. By offering both a remote and app control on iPad, we provided multiple ways he can control his entire system.

The Finite Moment

In comparison to most home cinemas where the number of seating is limited, the large amount of seating area requirement in this project represented a great challenge in ensuring every seat received the same high quality audio and video quality.

Our early involvement in the project from the construction phase to ensure the audio performance has proven it’s effectiveness by the stunning audio quality. When brought together with the 4.5m wide screen displaying vivid and bright images, it was truly a cinematic experience right inside our client’s house.

Client Verdict

The client was blown away – having already owned another CEDIA award-winning cinema we knew clients wouldn’t be easily impressed but they absolutely love it.

As well as the performance of the room they were particularly happy with our eye for detail on the fit-out – as they were constantly out of the country during the build they learned they could completely trust us to be their eyes and ears throughout the process.

So much so, we recently were asked to upgrade the cinema to Auro 3D with the addition of a new Datasat processor following a demonstration.

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