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Custom Cinema Room Design in Yorkshire

“The acoustic treatment on the cinema room provides professional surround sound experience right in the living room.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £60,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

The Brief

As a huge movie fan our client wanted to create a room with a real cinema atmosphere to enjoy movies to their fullest and optimise the potential of the equipment to deliver the very best performance.

Custom Design

Initially a 3D model was created to demonstrate what the completed room could look like. Featuring curved staging and a matching ceiling plinth above the screen and curved panels to the side of the screen, our design created a more interesting and custom feel to the room. The curved panels also help improve the acoustics of the room by taking out the sqaure corners which can create unpleasant bass resonance. The curved panels are also completely hidden doors on push latches which conceal hidden cupboards, one to house the cinema equipment rack and one to house the clients movie and video games collection.

The orginal room also included a large window with manual blinds that didn’t allow for blackout conditions and no acoustic treatment which resulted in very bright and agressive sound. The solution was to add padded suede panels down the side walls of the room which covered the windows and created a genuine cinema feel in addition to drastically improving the rooms acoustics. A light box was added above the suede panels for a discreet diffused light that didn’t directly shine on to the screen.


The cinema room includes a high-quality Meyer Sound active speaker system which we had never encountered before but upon testing found it to produce excellent sound quality, that simply required repositioning of all the speakers and a new digital surround-sound processor. An Onkyo processor was found to be a good sonic match for the Meyer speakers and was incorporated into the main equipment rack.

The front channel speakers and subwoofer were built into the wall behind the 110″ acoustically transparent projector screen and the side and rear speakers moved into the most appropriate positions.

The cinema room can watch all of the main house High Definition feeds from four Sky HD boxes, a PC, CCTV and the Kaleidescape movie server. In addition to the main house feeds the cinema also features its own dedicated Kaleidescape Blu-Ray player, Apple TV, a Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 for complete flexibility of gaming, movies and TV watching.

A Runco RS900 high definition projector is currently in place producing great picture quality however demonstrations are booked with our clients to show incredible performance of the stunning Sim2 Lumis 3D projector which delivers some of the very best 2D and 3D images possible to really make the performance of the cinema room reference quality.

All controlled via Crestron iPad app and a hand-held MLX3 remote control the system is very quick and simple to operate.

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