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McLaren Cinema in Leeds, Yorkshire

“...all agree that the cinema is now the centre piece of the home.”

Project Location: Leeds, Yorkshire/td>
Project Cost: £75,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema
Awards: Best Showroom by CEDIA

The Ultimate Movie Watching Experience

The Mclaren Cinema demonstrates the concept of high-end home cinema and all its possibilities. Modern in design, the cinema has a timeless quality which has been carefully resolved so as not to detract from its principal focus – movies.

The room features an 8 foot fixed screen manufactured by Screen Research and a Runco RS-900 high definition projector. Bowers and Wilkins in-wall speakers are hidden behind the acoustically transparent projector screen, with twin subwoofers. In-wall speakers are also built into the rear wall and side pillars, creating a truly enveloping cinematic experience.

From Damp Cellar to 21st Century Luxury Cinema

The room was originally two cellar rooms, with a dividing structural wall and low ceilings. Working in conjunction with a structural engineer and a cellar conversion company, we were able to create a single the room and dig out the cellar in order to create adequate room height.

Finite Solutions project managed the entire installation; from design, initial demolition
and building work, through to construction, decoration and finally the fulfillment of its impressive AV specification.

Browse 1000s of Movies on Screen with Kaleidescape

At the heart of the entertainment provision is the impressive Kaleidescape system which allows for the collection, management and play-back of the entire digital movie collection with breathtaking ease and speed for maximum viewing enjoyment.

Relax in Complete Comfort

The use of an exclusive range of CineLounge seats gives movie watchers the highest level of comfort whilst engrossed in a film and the user-experience is further enhanced with a Fujitsu air conditioning system which creates the best physical atmosphere in which to relax.

Top-of-the-range Technology

This cinema features top-of-the-range technology, all of which has been carefully selected to deliver the best possible quality. From source, a Pioneer Blu Ray player and Kaleidescape media server runs through a 7.1 Lexicon processor, amplified by Rotel power amplifiers into a full HD Runco projector.

The video system has been calibrated with the use of ISF certified video and acoustic treatments have been used in the room’s construction to ensure audio is of the highest quality.

Control the Whole House from the Cinema

The McLaren Cinema has been seamlessly integrated as part of a whole-house system which is brought together by Crestron technology.

The intuitive Crestron system allows for complete control, not only of all the automation elements in the cinema, but it also allows access to many of the house functions including CCTV, gate control and internet from anywhere in the room using one stylish, wireless touchpanel – now that’s what we call putting you in the driving seat

A Blueprint for Success

In fact, the formula is so successful that the Finite Solutions have been asked to replicate it several times since. The impact of the cinema is such that everyone who has seen it has wanted to strive for the same experience themselves.

Whether or not they have the space or budget to achieve it, they leave with a greater understanding of what is possible with a professionally installed and dedicated home cinema system from a CEDIA member company.

Hard Work Reaps Dividends

The realisation of this stunning and dedicated home cinema was not without its challenges and was the toughest, yet most rewarding single room project they have worked on to date. But, all agree that the cinema is now the centre piece of the home.

This is echoed by the projects success in the 2009 CEDIA awards, and also the attention it has received from the consumer electronics publication Home Cinema Choice.

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