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Autumn in Montpelier in London

“Multi-function home cinema systems provide high-fidelity cinema experience in limited spaces with smart implementation of seating and lighting.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £50,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control

In the scarcity of free space for such a dense city, London homeowners focus on making the best of the available place they have with ingenious approaches in design. Considerate implementation of the technology transformed a spare room into a getaway entertainment hub for our client.

Less Space is More Space

The obtrusion of the interior decor is often a common problem with installing projectors, with the necessity of the projector to be above the eye level on the ceiling. We usually solve this problem by establishing a dropdown system from the ceiling.

Our unique attempt at making the projector a part of the decor itself renders great aesthetic opportunities. Placement of the Runco short throw projector in the already-existing shelves behind the seating area blends the projector perfectly and beautifully in the design. It almost looked like a design piece along with other artistic sculptures supplied by the client.

Connecting with All Senses

Performance in a bespoke home cinema dictates more than selecting the right hardware. We absolutely love making sure all components are well-located and well-calibrated to maximise the entertainment value without a single bit of lost power.

B&W’s ultimate in-ceiling speakers, 2.4m wide projector screen by Screen Research and Runco advanced projector come together to produce the unrealistic performances. Acoustically transparent projector screen hides the speakers behind. No speakers visible, yet with perfectly visible tones.

Lighting the Right Atmosphere

A strong emphasis of a truly cinematic entertainment hub should be lighting quality. Regardless of whether our client is playing console games, kicking back with a film or listening to some music; lighting should be there to complement the environment.

Bespoke lighting control system, provided by Lutron, offers great benefits in both creating the right atmosphere on user mood or entertainment mode; and giving this luxurious home cinema an elegant touch with the right tones and dimming features.

The Monster in the Cupboard

The great amount of electronics in the project raises the question of where exactly to host them. A separate cupboard with great ventilation features were chosen as the best place to hide our advanced equipment rack.
All entertainment sources; such as Sky HD, PlayStation 3 and Oppo Bluray player is hosted within this equipment rack, offering simplistic solutions to clutter of electronics.
The ease of access to the cupboard makes it a breeze to change disks for console gaming and videos.

A Smart Control That is Familiar

All the technologies implemented in this brown castle require an advanced and simplistic interface to command. Our job is to simplify the complexity of the systems and Control4 delivers exactly what we’re looking for.

A rather familiar handheld remote receives a twist of LCD display, allowing full access to all entertainment options, lighting settings and system audio. Unlike the touchscreens, a handheld remote gives a more tactical and traditional way of enjoying high end performance in the big screen.

The Finite Moment

What we liked about this project was the possibility of converging a traditional sense in design with high end technologies that offer great performance and utility.

Little design features such as projector on the art shelves, the seating, the lighting modes and the handheld remote exemplify how technology is not always about touchscreens and metallic surfaces.

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