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Artcoustic Home Cinema in Yorkshire

“Stylish Artcoustic loudspeakers beautifully complement this room, which functions as both a meeting room and a high-end home cinema.”

Project Location: Harrogate, Yorkshire
Project Cost: £65,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema, Lighting Control

Multifunction rooms that can be easily transformed into activity-specific setups are a frequent request by homeowners, especially in homes with limited spaces. Our client in Harrogate, Yorkshire wanted to transform his conjoined two rooms into an entertainment space that can also accommodate business meetings.

Multifunctional Room Design

The priority during the design phase was to protect the authentic touches in this 18th century property. Since the two rooms were originally separated by a staircase; the cabling places, and the location of significant system components such as projector, screen and in-wall speakers were crucial.

A clever installation of the projector recessed it back into the beam between the rooms, allowing a discrete look. High end loudspeakers by Artcoustic offer not only Hi-Fi home audio, but also complement the luxurious and high-end feeling of the room design.

While the room’s primary purpose was home entertainment, our client also wanted to use the room for informal boardroom style presentations. An easily accessible VGA and audio wall plate was added under a side table to allow the client to plug his laptop straight in a conduct the presentation on the big cinema screen.

A dedicated desktop computer was added next to the equipment rack with wireless keyboard/mouse integration. This allows web browsing from the sofa without any dangerous or unsightly wiring running back to the equipment rack.

A Philips controller is capable of controlling the blinds, projector, sound, media server and even the Sky HD box. A simple touch screen remote, programmed simplistically by Finite.

Artcoustic In-Wall Speakers

Instead of adopting the standard hidden cinema solution with all the components are recessed in-wall and in-ceiling;  we decided to make components a part of the interior design. Artcoustic speakers offer a sleek design and the ability to be recessed behind the screen. The surround sound system created by powerful high-end Artcoustic speakers complement perfectly with the purpose of the room; as they allow both for a bang from the films and for crisp audio quality for everyday music.

Artcoustic loudspeakers, combined with a Sim2 projector and an 8 feet projector screen, create the perfect home cinema system. The great sound range of the speakers prove that Artcoustic is the brand for the best sounding speakers.

Lighting for Day and Night

Projection systems, despite their powerful qualities, tend to underperform against ambient light. This represented a critical challenge for us, especially considering the 7 windows in the room. In order to create a lighting setup that would create the right lighting for the projector to perform up to its standard, blackout blinds were implemented. Electric blinds by Goelst  do a great job of blocking out any sunlight during the day, allowing the consistent performance from the projector day and night. The integration of the blinds with the central control system was particularly beneficial, as the blinds would be triggered by the dropdown projector screen.

The Finite Moment

The room is being used on a daily basis. It has brought the family together as they now all watch TV and enjoy movies together. Towards the end of the project the client decided they wanted a multi-room audio system as well for the kitchen, bedroom and lounge areas. To integrate this with the other works we were carrying out we specified a Sonos system which being wireless meant minimal disruption with running cables between now decorated rooms and integration with the music stored on the Idyl media server.

“Thanks Finite. Cracking job. Absolutely delighted. I know that it was a real battle to get it finished on time but I was absolutely blown away by the result. I can’t wait to work with Finite on the next project.”

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