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50 Shades of Black Home Cinema in London

Best Home Cinema Installation Experts in the UK, CEDIA Approved.
Finalist as the Best Home Cinema (£40K to £100K category) at the CEDIA ’16 Awards.

“A dedicated basement cinema room with tiered seating and discrete features.”

Project Location: London
Project Cost: £75,000
Categories: Bespoke Home Cinema

Having only recently purchased their 20th century country cottage, one of the key attributes and considerations for our client when viewing the home was that it came with an existing cinema room in the single room basement. This was installed over 5 years ago. The clients were already happy with the performance of the home cinema. However, having stumbled across our website, they realised what was possible and what a much better home cinema ‘could’ look like. So they contacted us for an initial consultation to see an upgrade would look like.

Cinema Room Design

After the initial consultation, 3D video renders were produced and presented to explain our conceptual ideas. These gave the couple further inspiration, at which point we were appointed to completely revamp the room (from the bare shell) to create a very different sonic and visual experience, while also significantly improving the look and feel of the space.

Aesthetics of the room being paramount to the clients, they asked we maximise the width of the walkways so chose not to build out the rear and side walls. For this reason we opted for high performance on wall speakers, carefully selecting ones which were slender and discrete to blend with the holographic wallpaper chosen. Accompanying the 7 channel setup we provided the additional impact required by reinforcing the sound with 2x2400watt subwoofers within the bespoke joinery, isolated from the structure on ‘SubDude’ anti­resonance platforms.

Installation Process

In the 6 months following our appointment for the project, we worked closely with the couple to ensure that they were informed of the possibilities and technologies available to enhance their home cinema experience. Many visits to our demonstration facilities helped them explore the technology, components and seating options. All the efforts were towards upgrading their existing home cinema with a brand new luxurious look, more comfortable seating and a much better audio visual experience.

Providing a full construction package was essential to our client as they wanted a truly turnkey project with minimum involvement. We coordinated immensely with the building contractors to implement multiple enhancements in the room; including increasing the size of the space, amending the room layout, changing the seating orientation, making a new space allocation for equipment rack, improving the lighting design, incorporating extensive DVD storage for the clients and even redesigning and fitting a brand new staircase down to the room to improve both safety and access into the room.

The components within the cinema were carefully chosen from a vast portfolio of products to maximise the performance of it. The combination of Sony VW500ES 4K projector and Screen Research’s 2.8m wide projector screen create crisp images with great viewing angles throughout the room. The 7.2 surround sound system created with Totem Acoustics’ Tribe 1 speakers and Velodyne’s SPL800 Ultra subwoofers provide a surround sound that is rich in all tones.

To maintain the true surround sound experience, we have also applied acoustic treatment to the room by using 8 absorbers and diffusers throughout the room. The black speakers and acoustic treatments blend perfectly with the black wallpaper to give the room the true mystery of the dark.

To offer a wide range of content options, we incorporated multiple media players. These included Sky HD, Oppo Bluray Player and Apple TV. Fortress’ Matinee series electric recliner seats were placed strategically to create immersive entertainment from all seats.

Lutron’s Grafik Eye QS controller with 6 lighting circuits create the perfect lighting environment for every activity. LED lighting in the ceiling lighting up the room correctly, while stairway lighting on both sides ensure that stairs are highlighted for safety.

Control of the smart home system was provided by RTi’s XP-6 control system with T2i colour touch screen LED remote control that makes it easy to control both AV and lighting in the room.

Unique Room Features

Both the performance and aesthetics of the cinema was a great consideration as the end result aimed at topping the client’s previous home cinema by all means. The components within the cinema were carefully chosen from a vast portfolio of products to maximum performance for the budget given. The aesthetics were considered equally important in the redesign process.

By choosing equipment that would visually blend with the fixtures and fittings we were able to create a better cinematic experience, reducing reflection wherever possible whilst picking key elements (such as black holographic wallpaper) and mocha coloured leather seats to lift the overall atmosphere within the room.

Client Verdict

Following almost a full day of in-depth audio and visual calibrations, the client’s were left with a truly immersive system in a room which in their own words was “above and beyond that which they could have hoped for and greatly surpassed all expectations!”. They loved the design of their brand new home cinema so much that they wanted framed photos of the project to hand up on their wall.

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