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Winner of ‘Best Multi Dwelling Installation’ at 2010 CEDIA Awards

We were proud recipients of the ‘Best Multi Dwelling Installation’ at the Cedia 2010 Awards for our involvement in the Greenhouse eco development in Leeds.

The Greenhouse development is at the leading edge of ‘green technology’, minimising its impact on the environment. Through the TV interface the resident can monitor their energy usage and comparing it with their neighbours, creating some fun, friendly and productive competition.

The development has solar panels on the roof and both onsite and offsite wind turbines to generate more than enough electricity for their residents’ needs.

Each flat has an interconnected heating system, that transfers heat or cooling throughout the development. The remaining heating or cool that is needed to be generated is done so via a impressive ground source heat pump system.

There is lots more to learn about the projects credentials at

Greenhouse Eco Development in Leeds website.