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Case Study – Home Safe Home

Finite Solutions recently completed a large smart home installation in Sheffield which features a very powerful security system. Through the Crestron control system on the clients iPads and iPhones (as in the picture above) from anywhere in the world the client is able to communicate with and open his entrance gates and garage doors, view CCTV, set, unset and view the status of the burglar alarm and set a bespoke external alarm system designed and installed by Finite Solutions.

The external alarm system provides a 15m heat sensitive barrier around the house and outbuildings such that any intruder (but not animals) will trip the alarm before they get near the house at which point lighting inside and outside the house is activated, CCTV images are displayed on the TV screens throughout the house and notifications are emailed and text to our client. The perimeter system allows monitoring of activity around the house and early warning of any issues before they enter the house so the clients and his family can move to their safe room and contact the police before they are in danger giving them complete peace of mind.