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Enhance Your Life at Home with a Smart Home


Smart home technologies are bringing together your growing number of electronics at home and offer you a simplified control experience.

Your lifestyle at home is now getting smarter with smart homes by Finite Solutions.

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Smart home control with iPad.

Control Your Home with an iPad

Your iPad is now the central hub to control every aspect of home technology, all through a single app custom designed to fit your needs. Entertainment, heating, lighting, security… You name it!

Play music in multiple rooms.

Play Music in Every Room

Your smarthome and tablet is the new hub for entertainment at home. Just pick your tune and which rooms to play in. World’s largest music library is now instantly accessible at every room in your home, without sparing on audio quality.

Smart home energy saving features.

Save Energy the Smart Way

Smart home technology offers you the next generation thermostats, lighting systems and power metres create a more efficient way for managing your bills and offer you an environmentally friendly ecosystem at home.

Creating the most advanced lifestyles with the latest smart home technologies

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