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Crestron has been a staple of our home automation installation offerings for many years and is specified and installed when we are required to deliver the easiest to use, most comprehensive home control solution to a wide variety of automation, entertainment and security systems.

Crestron is really a two part system, the back of house processors, and hand held and in-wall control panels. Every system can be customised to operate and look however suits you best, with limitless options for graphics and user control screens incorporating company logos, images and plans of your home and methods of operation you find easiest.

Not every installation requires a solution as intelligent as Crestron but if you have a large home and are looking to integrate your lights, heating, security, and home entertainment no other system will deliver the reliability and ease of use provided by Crestron. There are many control system pretenders claiming the earth for half the price but believe us when we say we have tried them and they simply do not work reliably, and after all if you can’t use your system day in day out is it really worth it to save a few pounds?

In House Bespoke Programming

The key to a successful Crestron installation is the bespoke programming.  Without a skilled, experienced and professional programmer your installer will not be able to deliver a successful solution. Unlike many other companies Finite Solutions complete all of our programming in house, rather than using subcontractors, which allows us to deliver the perfect solution to your requirements.

Professional Demonstration

We have numerous levels of Crestron control systems at our Leeds and London  show facilities where we can demonstrate it against other systems and show you how the touch screen panels really can be operated without any prior knowledge and how every feature of the home is simply a single button press away.

iPad and iPhone Integration

You can now harness all the power of Crestron at a fraction of the price as Crestron systems can be programmed to work with your iPad and iPhone to deliver complete control of every room of your house without the necessity for a separate touch screen controller. Whilst there are many scenarios where the iPad can and should be complemented with a simple hard buttoned remote control – Sky channel flicking for example is more comfortable with a hand held device if using for prolonged periods.

We can also give you total home control from anywhere in the world via 3G, meaning you can check security cameras, open your gates or set the cinema up for you favourite film on your way home from work in an instant.