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The Wonders of Smart Lighting Design To Lighten Up Your Life

There is just one single factor that can change everything in your home, from the appearance and size of each room, to your mood, comfort and even your health: lighting

Whilst most of us try to find that essential piece of furniture or room altering shade of beige, the use of aesthetic and natural lighting can actually make all the difference and will transform a home from a cold sterile shell in to a warm and inviting space.

Lighting technologies have come a long way in residential design. From simple eco-friendly LED replacement lamps to integrated LED strips and plastered in wall and floor washers all the way to intelligent whole house lighting control systems that set pre-programmed lighting levels and moods throughout your home and garden. The capability of lighting to transform your home has never been greater.

Kitchen lighting with a easy-to-use lighting control system in London.

Lighting design and easy control.Whilst effective lighting can radically affect aesthetics and our mood, it has a functional role too. Finding the right solution to illuminate kitchen work areas or the home study will enhance productivity, reduce eye strain and manage stress extremely effectively.

Choosing the right lighting can also save you money. Lighting accounts for around 15 per cent of a typical household’s electricity bill but you can cut your energy use and lighting bill by utilising the latest LED technology. Whilst all LED lamps are not equal, selection of a good quality fitting will not only use less than 20% of the electrical of a standard light bulb it will also last 50 times longer, so changing just ten lamps in your home to LED could save nearly £250 a year…switching to LED could prove to be your savviest home investment yet.

Incorporating good energy saving technologies such as an all LED lighting design and a lighting control system into an overall home automation system, can also significantly increase the appeal of your property. For example, Lutron lighting control systems further reduce the energy used by your LED lighting while also providing security functions, holiday modes, automated switch off when the house is unoccupied and remote control via your iPhone and iPad.

But getting it right is not just as simple as changing a few light bulbs. To deliver an outstanding lighting design in your property the design and associated cabling must be considered at the earliest stages of any refurbishment, extension or new build property and this can be a daunting task for many home owners. Working with a good lighting designer will deliver flexible and functional lighting that fulfils usage requirements whilst emphasising architectural and interior design features. Working with an experienced lighting design team allows the design process to be very simple for home owners and detailed plans, cabling schedules and specifications for all light fittings ensures collaboration between your various, building, design and electrical contractors to ensure a straightforward installation and stunning end result.


The benefits of smart lighting design and control in energy saving.