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Sony’s Latest Projector is a Piece of Simplicity and Innovation

For many of our cinema system installs, projector placement is a piece of art in order to achieve the optimal performance in big screen. Sony revealed a fascinating new system that is guaranteed to transform our approach to projectors, both in performance and aesthetic.

Even though it was announced last year at CES 2014, the details about Sony’s latest monster 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector are only recently emerging. By making use of a revolutionary laser diode system, this projector fires its massive 4K image on the wall up to 147 inches. Because the projector is short throw, unlike any other projector, it can be placed right in front of the display, saving substantial space and clutter in your system’s aesthetic.

The projector is built into a console that also hosts two speakers and cabinets for a fresh look with no cables hanging loose.

Sony 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector is currently exclusively offered in New York, however we are anticipating a UK launch soon. Subscribe now and we’ll keep you updated on its launch date, price and availability.