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As we slowly move away from the now-dated 1080p into the brand new crisp era of the 4K, the issue of connectivity is surfacing beneath the promising benefits the 4K will bring. Most predominant issue is interconnectivity, the question of

Transforming your living spaces into astonishing entertainment spaces has been increasingly popular among luxury home owners. Your decision to create a dedicated cinema room for getting the true cinema experience right in the comfort of your home can look like a tough

After a fascinating presentation of the leading tech innovations at CES 2015, it’s time to unleash the latest technologies and how you are going to benefit from it. CES 2015’s main theme was all about connectivity. The major aim for

Internet of Things, a buzzword that is heavily being hyped recently, does no longer apply solely on devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. The latest rise of consumer electronics prove that we are about to become even more intimate

Yesterday, you may have experienced a “slow-down” in some online services, maybe streaming HD video to your dedicated home cinema room, or via your multi room video system. Don’t worry it wasn’t an issue with your wifi, home network or

With an every busier lifestyle, we can no longer fit our lives around our favourite programming. For most, Sky+ or using a HDD recorder was the solution, but this would rely on a greater level of organisation and knowing that

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