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Designing Interiors for Optimal Music Listening Experiences

When designing living spaces, crafting your interior based on your needs and activities is crucial. Listening the music is certainly one of these design considerations. Considering the influence of music in our lives to improve our moods, creating the right design for optimal musical ambiance can make a huge difference.

Here are a few tips that will help you create a music system that blends in perfectly with your interior design.

See The Music With Smart Lighting

Smart lighting solutions now integrate perfectly with your smart home system and interior design. Thanks to the LED lighting technologies, it is possible implement different lighting scenes with a wide range of colour options. What’s better is that you can use this function to complement your music with dynamic lighting scenes that adapt to the music playing in the room.

Lighting control systems such as Lutron can help you achieve an high-fidelity audio experience augmented by lighting.

Let The Furniture Enhance Your Music

Even though we all love listening to music, everyone have their own way of enjoying the tunes. If you are one of those people who loves putting on some music to have a lay down, relax and unwind; make sure your key furniture such as sofa and armchair are comfortable.

Moreover, the design of the furniture can have great influence on the room acoustics, ultimately impacting on the audio quality. Make sure you consult with your interior designer on the selection of different furniture options to maximise your listening experience.

Choose Your Speakers Carefully

When it comes to deciding on the type of speakers to use in your interior design, you have many options. Depending on your interior design language, you have various speaker installation options that will maximise the impact of design without sacrificing the audio quality.

Thanks to the revolutionary innovations in speaker design, your speaker preference can be standalone, on wall/ceiling, or even in wall/ceiling. In wall speakers have the extraordinary advantage of completely blending with your wall, flushed inside your wall and virtually invisible to eye. The selection of in-wall flush speakers have the benefit of an unobtrusive interior, where you don’t want the clutter of speakers hanging around.

If you prefer displaying your large standalone speakers with pride, you’re in luck! Beautifully designed standalone speakers from leading companies such as Bowers & Wilkins, Bang & Olufsen and KEF have a wide range of speaker options that can essentially become a part of your interior design while giving you the pleasure of high fidelity audio.

Speaker Placement Can Make Or Break Your Experience

Just like with any aspect of interior design, when it comes to your surround sound design, no two room is alike. Perfectly calibrating your listening experience by fine tuning your set up can make your experience more enjoyable.

Regardless of whether your surround sound is 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 or 3D audio; make considerations on creating a clear path between you and the speakers, acoustically improving your audio performance with the right selection of furniture and wall treatment, or even just experimenting with different placement options.

Your audio video installer can guide you on the ways to achieve the best audio experience in your home.