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Home Automation

Smart home technologies; including heating/cooling, lighting control, security and entertainment; can add great energy saving benefits to residences with the function and convenience they bring to households. Surveys find, however, that the benefits of smart home are far bigger than

There are a lot of things you can do with a smart home that can make your life at home much more enjoyable, comfortable and safer. Here are 7 coolest things you can do with a smart home automation system.

Nest, the smart home division of the Google’s spin off holding brand Alphabet*, recently launched the third generation of their leading smart thermostat. The brand new Nest Learning Thermostat features a slimmer profile to blend in much better with the

The internet of things scene in the UK is growing. Find out what it is and how it's going to change the way we live.

With the recent release of Apple Watch, the smart home industry is also starting to show what’s up their sleeve. Lutron, Honeywell, Alarm.com and Savant has already announced their support for the Apple Watch. The implementation of Apple Watch in

After a fascinating presentation of the leading tech innovations at CES 2015, it’s time to unleash the latest technologies and how you are going to benefit from it. CES 2015’s main theme was all about connectivity. The major aim for

Internet of Things, a buzzword that is heavily being hyped recently, does no longer apply solely on devices such as computers, smartphones or tablets. The latest rise of consumer electronics prove that we are about to become even more intimate

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