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Amazon Dash Automates the Grocery Shopping for Home

For Amazon, it all started with a suspiciously timed video. On 1st of April, they unveiled a video introducing their brand new product Amazon Dash. Many viewers of the video interpreted it as a classic April Fools’ Day prank, like many corporations has been pursuing for the past few years. The truth, however, came later on. Amazon actually is releasing a new product called Amazon Dash.

Amazon Dash helps you deal with your grocery shopping without leaving your home. The new voice activated barcode scanner hardware is what makes the magic work. You can either say individual items to be added to the shopping list. Or scan the barcode on the groceries to replenish. It’s that easy! Everything you say or scan automatically gets added to your Amazon shopping cart, to be reviewed and confirmed by you.

In many ways, Amazon makes it clear that Amazon Dash is only a stepping stone towards something even bigger. As we speak more and more of home automation and implementing technology to improve quality of life, we have to make considerations about the different ways an automated home show its face.

With Dash, Amazon wants to be an integral part of household. Home automation systems are attractive because they eliminate the need to spend a lot time managing the house and getting the chores sorted, in this case grocery shopping. This will help us spend even more time for the things that are more important to us.

Over the next decade, we will be seeing a revolution in our everyday environment with new solutions such as Amazon Dash. These new environments will become even more intelligent and capable of doing things for us, like anticipating our needs and desires, eventually making our lives easier.