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10 Most Exciting Smart Home Products from CES 2016

Every year, the extraordinary technology products revealed in CES leave us in awe. CES 2016 was no exception to that. The moving focus of the consumer electronics into smart homes unleashed promising gadgets that are aimed to make our lives easier at home.

Smart home and advanced home entertainment are still in their infancy in terms of reaching their true potential of homes that think for themselves. This year, we got one step closer into discovering the households we will soon enjoy. Here are 10 most exciting smart home and entertainment products from CES 2016 we are looking forward to test and use in our projects.

1. Samsung Fridge with a 21inch Screen

The large touchscreen on the fridge acts as a central hub for the household, giving daily updates to family members and allowing simple actions within home such as listening to music and watching the news. It gives a lot of insight on how the future of home will provide easy control at convenient locations at home.


2. Tado Smart Heating System

Tado can be thought as an upgrade on the Nest system thanks to its full integration with other smart home hardware. A self-aware home is an essential part of the home automation and tools like Tado will grow in popularity. It can turn on the lights, disable the alarm and call the lift as you arrive home.


3. Apple HomeKit Supported Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Apple HomeKit aims at becoming the central hub about everything related to smart home and enabling you to control it just by talking to Siri. Honeywell integration will strengthen Apple’s hand in the home automation battle, as well as make the competition even more fierce. Just by talking to your phone, you can adjust the heating in different areas in your smart home.


4. LG’s OLED 4K TV is as Thin as 2.74mm

Homeowners are becoming increasingly reluctant for electronics at their homes to take large spaces at their home. They want cables to be hidden, speakers to be in wall and TVs to be as thin and elegant as possible like a piece of art. LG’s latest 4K TV has an incredible thickness and rich colours thanks to its HDR technology.


5. Bang & Olufsen High-end Wireless Speaker BeoSound 35

BeoSound 35 brings a fresh look at high-end wireless sound bars that often look boring and unstylish. The ease of combining this speaker with other B&O speakers is great for creating a multi-room audio system that is easy to use and stylish.


6. Turntables by Technics Make a Comeback after 5 Years with Technics 1200

A lifetime classic is coming back with advanced features. Technics is not the only company relaunching the turntable legend, Sony also launched their own.


7. Panasonic Announce Their First Ultra HD Premium TV

The content standards on 4K are finally being finalised, and TV producers are following suit to unravel the true performance of the 4K beast. Panasonic’s latest 4K TV has HDR capabilities and Ultra HD Premium compliance, which will make everything look better on TV.


8. Samsung Launches The First 4K Bluray Player

With the ever increasing amount of original 4K content available, it is important to have the right hardware capable of playing that content. Following the announcement on the 4K standard on Blurays, Samsung unleashed their first ever 4K Bluray player ever.


9. Control4’s Smart Home App to Connect the Smart Home and Car

Leading smart home automation company Control4 takes a leap forward into integrating smart home into every part of our lives, starting with cars. The concept app converges the smart home and car and offers options to control your home right on the dashboard screen.


10. Family@Home Uses a Self-learning Algorithm to Make Your Home Smart

Machine learning is getting smarter and stronger; and homes are a fundamental focus of this brand new technology. Thanks to the self-automating algorithms that keep constant track of what’s going on around home, it will be possible to automate everything at home without even having to intervene. Family@Home is one of the first example of this revolution, which utilises a self learning algorithm to keep track of unusual changes around the home, such as kids arriving home or door being left unlocked.