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So how does a smart home actually work and how do you go about having a smart home system installed? The beginning of any smart home journey should start with a consultation with a CEDIA certified smart home designer or

How you interact with your smart home is one of the most important elements of a system. If the lighting, heating, security and entertainment systems are all working beautifully but your control system is causing problems, it can render the

Living in a smart home provides many practical and functional advances and limitless home entertainment to homeowners and families.   Security Systems arm themselves when no one is at home so you’ll never forget to set the alarm again. Away

“In the future, everyone will live in smart homes.”   We hear this sentence regularly on the news and in media but what does a smart home actually do and why will it benefit us? You might think a smart

Smart technology can save you considerable amounts of money on running and maintenance costs and energy usage. Installing heating control systems such as Nest in your home will typically save you around 10-15% of you typically heating and if applicable

Smart lighting is often misunderstood. Smart lighting is not about flashy switches with dozens of buttons or colour changing lighting everywhere. Smart lighting control is about allowing people to use their lighting more easily and effectively, saving energy and enhancing

Home cinema technology moves at a very rapid rate with video systems such as TV’s and projectors moving most quickly followed by surround sound electronics with the speakers themselves being the most future proofed as speaker technology has not changed

Having installed some of the most advanced smart home systems in the country for many years our team all have their favourites pieces of equipment and technologies which offer great value for money and work reliably and simply.   Below