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What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is a popular buzz word that is growing in popularity in home technology. It represents a good deal about Smart Home or Home Automation systems.

Essentially, the technology allows network connectivity with even wider range or products, and home appliances are the next step for that.

Can I incorporate my existing equipment as part of the new system?

It completely depends on the kind of equipment you have. But our commitment to create fault-free systems is sometimes hindered by the incompatibility problems any existing equipment might cause.

During the consultation with our specialists, disclosing any existing equipment you have would help us assess any compatibility or performance issues and notify you on that.

How much does it cost?

We treat every client and project on an individual and unique basis. This is because every customer has different demands and every house is different in structure.

Following the initial consultation (which is free of charge), our design specialists will produce a quotation that contains all elements to fulfil client requirements with focus on reliability, performance and robustness.

How do you choose the products for the system? Are you tied into any manufacturers?

Being a brand-independent company, our portfolio of manufacturers is vast with certification in most major lighting and control systems. Each product is vigorously tested for reliability, robustness, longevity, performance and value for money.

Once the criteria has been ascertained, the right product selection is made for the individual project.

Unlike many other AV companies, we do not favour any specific brands that offer higher margins for specifying their products.

We are not early adopters of new technology. Our focus has always been to deliver tried and tested solutions, which exceed performance boundaries and client expectations.

What cables do I need to run around the house?

As with the creation of all Smart Homes, we follow strict universal guidelines produced by the industry’s governing body, CEDIA. Typically, each home will incorporate the fundamentals at the very least; incorporating Cat6, coaxial and speaker cable.

Other specialist cabling may form part of the infrastructure, but run only to meet individuals’ requirements.

When's the best time to get a home technology specialist involved?

The integration of home technology often requires extensive infrastructure preparation that will future-proof the property for a long time. Taking special consideration of how technology is moving forward,

Especially considering how complex the required cabling structures are for data and communication networks, consideration for cabling becomes a necessity rather than an option. It is therefore absolutely essential to start your consultation as soon as possible.

Working with builders, architect and interior designers from early on in the project will guarantee that no details of your investment go amiss and you get the best technology solutions

What measures do you take to guarantee my system's continuity in the long run?

Despite the benefits of technology, the proliferation of both available devices and software options raise the question of future compatibility.

Our experienced specialist and engineers work vigorously in tracking the market trends with regards to their longevity in the future. We do a lot of product testing, however the ones we specify will always be the innovations that offer extendibility in the future.

How do you future-proof the house? How easy it is to do future upgrades?

When it comes to future-proofing a house, the biggest concern is the infrastructure to be laid out. Cabling etc is often hard to rectify post-construction, so an installation company has to ensure the infrastructure is up to latest standards.

Our priority is always specifying solutions that offer future support with regards to your current infrastructure. Therefore both the hardware and software that is installed within your house will feature support for any future upgrades.

Can you work together with my preferred interior designer, architect or developer?

Absolutely! In most of the projects we work on, we cooperate heavily with our clients’ preferred interior designers, architects or any other construction professionals.

By working closely with all parties in the project and getting involved in the project from early construction phase, we can ensure that every aspect of our involvement in the project is communicated with your interior designer, architect or developer.

What are the average project timelines from start to finish?

We work on a big range of projects that vary drastically in sizes, therefore it is best that we identify essential details regarding your project before making a timeline suggestion.

The projects we have worked on so far span from 1 month to over 3 years.

Can I integrate my lighting, blinds and heating in a central control system?

The latest technologies make integration of different home control systems easier than ever. With the help of a central processing unit, which have their own operating systems, you can bring together your lighting system, blinds and heating in a single entity.

Integration is possibly the most crucial part of a truly smart home. It makes your life much easier by automating your daily tasks (switching the heating as you arrive home, turning off all lights at night etc.)

Can I upgrade existing or older homes?

Absolutely you can! We work in all sorts of projects that include new builds, system revamps or system upgrades.

One of our focuses is also system rescue; where we overtake an existing installation project from another company upon your request and provide in-depth service where we rectify ongoing problems and recalibrate your system.

Is it going to increase the value of my property?

Today, technology implementation at home is a stronger and more integral part of life at home. Investing in home technologies, from this point of view, will absolutely add value to your property as it increases the life quality immensely.

There is, however, important decisions to make when investing in home technology. Technology advances rapidly, therefore implementing infrastructure innovations that stand the test of time becomes absolutely essential. Therefore we strongly recommend that you get expert advice first.

What happens in case of a problem after installation?

We endeavour to ensure you enjoy your brand new home technology setup for years following the installation. For this reason we offer state-of-the-art service packages to offer pain-free support.

Following your installation, you will get a 6 month service contract, completely FREE. To find out more about the service options, please contact us.

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