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CEDIA Accreditation

Ensuring high standard of work and the latest technologies available.

Proud Member of CEDIA

The Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the international trade organisation for the home cinema and home automation industry. CEDIA members specialise in planning, design, supply and installation of smart home systems for smarter, more modern lifestyles at home.

Custom installation industry is growing faster than every, which means that within the proliferation of custom installation companies, it is hard to find a company that adheres to the professional standards.

CEDIA offers great value in evaluating industry standards both on the technical side and on the customer service side. In order to be accredited by CEDIA, a custom installer must provide evidence of their knowledge and experience in the custom installation industry by providing strong case studies in home cinema, smart home automation and lighting solutions.

Essential CEDIA Training Courses

With the purpose of supporting continuous education, CEDIA offers training courses, where home technology professionals can learn about the latest developments and get trained on how to best implement it in their projects.

Finite Solutions have been a supporter of ongoing education and training to offer the best service quality in the industry. Every Finite Solutions engineer is fully assisted in gathering the latest home technology qualifications through CEDIA training courses.

Annual CEDIA Awards Highlighting Success

Every year, CEDIA host an awards ceremony where all CEDIA members are encouraged to submit their best work in a variety of categories.

Over the years, Finite Solutions have proven their success by winning multiple awards in multiple categories.